Having watched a Russian production of Swan Lake at our local arena this past weekend, I started questioning the rules of conduct, how much they’ve changed, and whether theatre etiquette should also apply to the theatre spectacles held in other venues. It is fairly obvious that you can’t expect the same level of conduct simply […]

The award season is in full swing, we have already seen a couple of ceremonies, but the most important one is still over a month away. To recap the ongoing award season and to give my prediction over some of the most important categories at this year’s Oscars, I have watched most of the nominated […]

When talking about design and aesthetics, there is just one object that can top my list of fine design pieces, and that is the chair. That simple piece of furniture transforms into a piece of art if moulded by genius designers. We all take design for granted sometimes, but now’s the time to reflect on […]

In one of the oldest streets on the Left Bank of the river Seine, overlooking the most important Parisian monument, situated is an enchanting little place, renowned the world over as a sanctuary for literature lovers. Shakespeare and company is unlike any other bookshop, because as soon as you walk through the door you feel […]

This is the year of Maestro Verdi. His 200th birth anniversary was just a month ago, but the entire world has been celebrating the genius of Verdi during the whole of 2013. Deservedly┬áso, because no-one has made such an impact as an opera composer. Also, how cool do you have to be to have your […]